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Title: Schaller ~> Gotoh 510 tuner replacement
Post by: Paje on November 28, 2007, 11:22:01 PM

The chrome finish on the Schaller tuners of my '93 OM-10 is finally giving out (peel & fade).  I've read so much positive feedback on the Gotoh 510s, and also like their finish options, that I'd like to replace my tuners with them, if possible without undue detriment to my guitar.  :arrow

Can anyone please advise if there is a model of Gotoh 510 that would be a direct (no drill) replacement?
Here's a pic:

If the holes were just off enough to require drilling but the previous holes would be effectively concealed by the new tuners, that'd be acceptable.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Also, provided I can make the Gotoh 510s happen, which finish would you suggest.  Here's a pic for ideas on best match.
( ( (click for full size)

I'm curious about how that "violet chrome" finish might coordinate.  :thumb