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Title: Boomerang phrase sampler
Post by: aaronjnoone on November 08, 2007, 04:19:41 PM
I just wanted to rave a little about this great pedal. :nana_guitar

I bought the newer version, with two independent loops. This thing is the single most used piece of equipment I own. It's taken my live act to a different level, opening up all kinds of songs that you need a second guitarist for, like for example the Wallflowers' "6th avenue heartache", it's got that little guitar melody at the end of each chorus. You can do this song without it, but it's like 4 minutes of the same progression, which bores the crap out of any audience.

But here's the really sweet part. I can use it to harmonize with myself on vocals. So using this same song as an example, it goes from a one guitar, one voice bore-fest to a melody filled pretty song with harmonies on the chorus.

Another example is "We can work it out" by the Beatles. You can add the harmony to the 'life is very short' part. Some songs, I just build up a beat on my guitar and loop it, adding layers. It's great for rhythm oriented songs that lack something in a solo acoustic performance. And the A/B function is awesome for switching between verse and chorus. I love this thing. This pedal has re-ignited my passion for solo performance.

I have the monitor out signal feeding the Boomerang, which means I get to choose which channels get looped. Then the Boomerang back into a channel on my board, and my guitar into my Line 6 DL4 for some great delays on solos.

With this setup I can play with other guitarists and singers, looping anything I want without looping the other musicians, and it's sooooo much fun. You gotta try this thing.

Does anyone else do looping in their act, or just at home for fun? If so, what equipment do you run, how do you have your signal chain, and what songs do you like to do?

Title: Re: Boomerang phrase sampler
Post by: Mr_LV19E on November 08, 2007, 08:40:21 PM
No, but I would like to hear some examples.

Title: Re: Boomerang phrase sampler
Post by: SteveO on November 09, 2007, 01:32:32 PM
Oh, Just Great, Now another thing to try out....the gear is getting out of hand

But I have fun with gadgets :roll :roll :roll

anything to keep myself amused