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Title: Amazed by Brass strings
Post by: djsonovox on October 25, 2007, 04:03:41 AM
I put a set of brass strings on my Alvarez MD90 before I sold it a couple days ago...and wow! It woke the tone right up. It's a very dark tone guitar, with its solid rosewood supporting an Engelmann spruce top. These strings added a shimmering bell-like clarity to the tone. Wider dynamic range, too.

I never would have thought of it till I heard a friend's guitar. I can get these for only $5.50 for two sets at  Starving Musician down the road. Packaged as "Cowboy Chords" brand.

I still like John Pearse Mediums. Put a set on my new Yairi DY-38 that sounded got a lot livelier. Strings go dead so gradually that it can fool you.

Doug Jones