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Title: Accu_Stic Internal mic and amp to be installed
Post by: djsonovox on October 13, 2007, 11:24:11 PM
Since 1992, I've been building in pickups. Started with undersaddles.

Nowadays I'm trying every pickup system I can afford,  to compare them.

Next up will be the Accu_Stic, if it ever arrives.
(The price is right--$36 with postage-- but the guy who sells them on eBay is a bit, well --undependable).

If it ever gets here (It's been 32 days since I ordered it) I'll report on it's quality.

It has a Class A amp that runs off one AA battery, and a little electret mic you glue on the inside back of the guitar, aimed at the underside of the bridge. I'm going to pair it with a K & K piezo and see if it sounds good as the Baggs Dual Source that I modified by sniping off the undersaddle and soldering in a Pure Western. It makes my Seagull S6 sound better than every other pickup system in any of my guitars!

Doug Jones