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Title: Bill Mize - Fingerstyle Guitar
Post by: Randy_R on June 20, 2004, 02:33:52 PM
I just discovered Bill Mize. Quite an accomplished fingerstyle player.
He played the Evening Star Series last night at Sautee-Nacoochee which will eventually find its way to GA Public Radio. (

Here's a link to the Evening Star series for those interested. (

I'm listening to Bill's Coastin' album right now. Brilliant. In addition to his fingerstyle vituosity he's accompanied by a cello on a number of the tunes, which has always been a favorite combination of mine.

He also had a Mel Bay book for sale with cd.

Bill's current lady friend, Beth Bramhall, is a pianist. He has her accompanying him with an accordian on some tunes. I was at first dubious. But Beth obviously has real experience playing piano duets, and played the accordian sparingly as fill-in and to counterpoint some of the guitar work in a very complementary way.

Not only fantastic fingerstyle guitar work, but great listening music as well. They are doing a repeat show at 2pm this afternoon, and I may go again.