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Title: Which Way To Go
Post by: Bochim on June 17, 2003, 08:38:27 PM

 This forum is much better, thank you. I am going to buy either an LO5 or an LO5e or an LO5ce. So here's the question. I have been hearing of some problems with the A6 system. Does anyone out there have some experience with this pickup. My chosen alternative is to get the Baggs I Beam system with a preamp as aftermarket. Next question: How much do you loose acoustically with the cutaway?
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Title: Which Way To Go
Post by: Zach on June 17, 2003, 08:45:41 PM
Here are my thoughts on it:

I have no experience with the B-Band pickup, but I have heard they are good.  However, I would never buy a guitar with a hole cut in it for a preamp.  The technology will be long outdated before the guitar falls apart.  

I would buy the guitar with no pickup and add one of your choice.  I like the K&K Sound products myself.  Reports on the I-Beam are mixed, but you might like it.  I've also heard good things about Pick up the World.

There are numerous outboard preamps that you could get if you need the extra control.  

As for the cutaway, I don't think you loose any thing soundwise with it.  Others may disagree.

Title: Which Way To Go
Post by: MJG on June 18, 2003, 12:51:37 AM
Personally, for an intimate guitar I would not want a hole in it.  However, for a working guitar, the convenience of onboard controls are welcome...just my opinion.

I have the B-band AST and UST installed in my Taylor and they are both wonderful.  I do not have an onboard preamp however.  The AST is very natural and the UST does not have the piezo quack in the least.

For my next guitar, I will either get another B-band system or K&K product.  I believe they are equally as good.  PUTW is good two but the Power Plug does not appeal to me and I think they are more persnickity to position.

My can go wrong with B-band or K&K.

Title: Which Way To Go
Post by: Oxford on June 18, 2003, 03:33:36 PM
My LV-05E has the A6 B-band. I did have trouble intially with the pick-up. But the problem was ME and not the pick-up. It sounds wonderful now that I have it figured out. It's an UST/AST dual input system and there are alot of buttons and knobs on that little control panel.

Like MJG said, onboard controls are great in a working guitar. My daughter and I occassionally play at church through the PA. It's really nice to have the added control in-reach. However, if just playing solo you probably won't need it.

Buy the cut-away if you play up the neck or would like to. Besides, it looks cool!  B) That's why I bought it.  ;)  

Title: Which Way To Go
Post by: Bochim on June 18, 2003, 04:58:48 PM
:) 'Thank you for the replies. I, too, don't like the idea of a cutout in the side of my guitar. I have never had anything other than a Fishman soundhole which works rather well actually. It is the double humbucker with mic and blender. I have not installed it permanently, just get it out and use it when needed. I play at church through a pretty good sound system and in other venues with an amp. It seems that more and more nowadays I need to be hooked up and this is a good excuse to buy another guitar. I played a Larrivee DB-10 (I think) recently that made me rethink the L05 but I am going ahead with the L because I just want one and don't need another dread. I believe I'll get the cutaway for the same reason, I don't have one and they look cool. I will use this one plugged in mostly anyway. Thanks again for the input.