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Title: God bless Luthiers...
Post by: rbrown on June 21, 2007, 02:33:39 AM
I have played (off and on for 40+ years).  I LOVE guitars :thumb.  I mostly took the construction of the guitar for granted.  I relied on on tested reputation  (when I started it was Martin, Gibson) and wanting that sound.  I never asked about the infrastructure of the guitar (i.e. bracing, neck joint, glues, kerfling, purfling and on and on).

I am almost finished reading GUITARMAKING  by Cumpliano and Natelson.  My Lord, how that has changed my appreciation of our beloved guitar and it's builder!!! :bowdown:

It is AMAZING. I have a friend named Don Musser.  Some of you might recognize the name.  G**gle it some time.  He is a  fine luthier.  I had the opportunity to hang out in his workshop and watch him work magic.  HANDmade from top to bottom.

O.K. the point is primarily a salute  :bowdown: to the pioneers who have created the endless palatte of possibilities we as players have as our vision.

Luthier's producing Luthier's producing Luthier's....  Learning from masters, and having a new path.

I will, baring that RICH Unknown relative never be able to afford a truely CUSTOM guitar.  OH WELL, with companies like Larrivee and Taylor  us "poor" people can own formidible instruments.

I've come full circle...Thank you Luthiers  :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: