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Title: Parlor to Kenya... Pickup Needs
Post by: lutert on April 01, 2007, 07:42:54 PM
My wife and I will be traveling back to Kenya this year to work in the a School in the slums of Kawangware. I want to bring my Larrivee parlor and play plugged-in to the very spartan sound system at the church there. I currently have a PUTW #27 in it, it works good, but it definitely needs a preamp. I would like not to have to bring a preamp with me and would like to install a more applicable pickup. I once had a LR Baggs M1 passive in it and it sounded good, but I'm wondering if it would be wise to get the M1 active... or... Should I install a K&K Pure Western mini? Does the mini have enough output to drive a sound system or will I need a preamp?

I would love some advise!