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Title: Larrivée D-10 w/ Fishman Acoustic Matrix: dual source w/ LR Baggs?
Post by: lomax on March 31, 2007, 05:28:45 PM
Hey, :donut :coffee

I already have a fishman acoustic matrix pickup installed on my D-10, and although i get a good tone out of it through my AER AcousticubeIII, i'm still missing the microphone sound and feel a lot when i'm playing live.  So i'm looking for different dual source setups i could get.
I was thinking about buying the fishman ellipse blend until i realised that it didn't fit on larrivées because of the bracings. I read some positive reviews about the LR Baggs dual source system. I was wondering if i could easily combine the mic and preamp of that setup with another pickup like the fishman i had installed? Does LR Baggs sell them seperately without the pickup (only preamp+mic)?
Any suggestions on other possible setups are more than welcome

Larrivée D-10 Rosewood Deluxe+Fishman Acoustic Matrix+AER AcousticubeIII