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Title: My First Classical - ? on Strings
Post by: Miata13 on December 28, 2006, 03:36:33 AM
My lovely Mrs Claus enabled my G.A.S. for my first classical and now I'm the "almost" totally happy owner of an Iberia 107R.  My local shop's luthier set it up but he's a master player.  He chose LaBella Light Tension strings.  I'm getting a bit of buzz on low E & A so I'll have to get him to look at the setup again.  I'll bet it has something to do with my ham-fisted, less than delicate touch :laughin:

Anyway...never having tried any other strings, wonder if those of you listening who have classicals, would have any other string suggestions for me?  Seems the high 3 strings have an awfully fast decay.  Is that something perhaps remedied with some harder tension strings or would that be more due to the fact my guitar is still so new?

Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated.  Here's a couple three donuts in advance!   :donut :donut :donut  (um good..plain cake, my favorite!)

Thanks..and Happy and Safe New Years to ya'all.  NO Car Hockey allowed!


F.Y.I.  Link to site with description/photo of the Iberia 107R: