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Title: LR Baggs M-1 / Para DI / Larrivee OM-03
Post by: AbearBlues on December 23, 2006, 08:23:58 AM
As promised, I am reporting back about the LR Baggs M1 pickup.  I just took delivery a few days on my new OM-03 with the LR Baggs M1 pickup installed with the end jack plug.  First of all the guitar was a nice surprise for incredible tone and playability!  I have had Taylors and Breedloves and the OM-03 really stacks up against them.  A nice bright tone with perfect string balance.  Not bad for the price range.  I plugged the guitar into my LR Baggs Para DI and from there into a Roland Cube 60 guitar amp and WOW!  Really a great sound amplified and that's not even playing through a PA or acoustic amp!  I am very impressed with my Larrivee AND the M-1.  I have had the I-Beam system in my Breedlove and I think I like the sound of the M-1 better.  Anyway, thats the report and I hope it helps anyone out there considering a pickup choice for their Larrivee.

Title: Re: LR Baggs M-1 / Para DI / Larrivee OM-03
Post by: SongMan on December 27, 2006, 08:40:13 AM
I used Rareearth at one time and liked it. I am now thinking about M1 active.

Title: Re: LR Baggs M-1 / Para DI / Larrivee OM-03
Post by: tuffythepug on January 02, 2007, 02:15:50 AM
I will be installing the same pickup on my OM-03 as soon as it arrives.  I've wondered if it will fit correctly in the smaller soundhole of the OM style guitar.  Do you know if there had to be any modification to the pickup in order for it to fit properly ?

Also, a 2nd potential problem:    I'm installing this pickup on a left handed OM.  Does anyone know if I wll need to install this 180 degrees opposite of normal in order for the pole pieces to be correct for the reverse order of the strings ?  Or.....can I install normally and adjust the pole pieces to compensate. 
I'm sure someone has faced this before.   Any advice is appreciated

Title: Re: LR Baggs M-1 / Para DI / Larrivee OM-03
Post by: stuco on January 02, 2007, 06:56:15 PM

I'm  considering either the m1 or the m1active or another k&k pwm.  Has anyone tried the m1 active?  If so, does the location of the volume control present a problem?  THat is really my main concern. 

Title: Re: LR Baggs M-1 / Para DI / Larrivee OM-03
Post by: beel on January 02, 2007, 08:20:25 PM
I now have a couple of M1A pickups. I use one in my OM-03-12R and it fits without any problem. I'm not sure if the six-string OM has a smaller soundhole or not.

I had a problem with it not fitting a Martin 000. I was in the process of selling that guitar so I never did bother trying very hard to install it but it was very close to fitting the 000. I later read that the solution would've been to file just enough off of the clamps that fit down inside the soundhole to let it slip down inside.

I can't imagine how the volume knob's location would be a problem. It's never been a problem for me.

As far as using it with a left-handed guitar, the best thing to do would be to ask LR Baggs. It may be as simple as changing out the adustable pole pieces for the B and E strings with the ones for the bass E and A strings but I'd email the company first.

The things I like about the M1A are that you can unplug the pickup and remove it when you want to play plain ol' acoustic, you can adjust the pole pieces, it has the volume knob and I think it looks good. Also if you get another strapjack, you can take it out of one guitar and use it in another by just unplugging it and plugging it into the other guitar. -- The thing you have to deal with is that it's a bit awkward to maneuver around when you're slipping the pickup in under the strings and positioning it in the soundhole. It gets easier, though.