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Title: First Time Poster - Baggs iMix Gain question
Post by: @ on November 05, 2006, 08:06:14 PM
Hi All,

I just got my L05E a couple days ago, and so far I'm really quite impressed. I love the thing to death. It came with the LR Baggs iMix onboard system, and my question is in regards to that. I noticed that the balance between the iBeam and the Element is really off - something that was mentioned in the manual to be very common - where the iBeam is siginficantly quieter than the Element. It said that there's a screw on the underside of the preamp  in which you can change the gain of the iBeam. Now, after much squinting, I've managed to find a screw that has the word gain next to it (I think they are supposed to be together). It is on corner of the preamp closest to the soundhole, and has a little metal tab type thing attached to it. I'm assuming that thats the gain screw... but changing it does absolutely nothing. This is the problem. And I noticed there's a similar screw on the opposite corner of the screw I've been molesting which makes me less convinced I've got the right one.

Do I have the right screw? If not, where in the hell is the right one!?

Will the change in gain be drastic (read: noticable)?

Any help would be muchly appreciated.


Title: Re: First Time Poster - Baggs iMix Gain question
Post by: @ on November 05, 2006, 09:12:32 PM

Either me, or the LR Baggs crew are complete idiots. Most likely it is a combination of the two.

The screw I've been turning (and stripping) was not the iBeam gain screw. The gain screw is actually on the side of the compartment that pops out when you want to change the battery. It is a tiny, recessed, white, Phillips head screw. Why LR Baggs decided to put the LABEL for the gain screw on the underside of the preamp, and use the term underside in describing the gain screw, I have no idea, especially when the gain screw is NOT on the underside of the preamp! So, an hour wasted, but at least I've figured it out.

Hopefully this thread will help anyone else with a similar problem in the future.

Thanks anyway folks!