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Title: Mesa Boogie Road King II Review
Post by: parsky1 on October 14, 2006, 10:04:37 PM
Well my urge to get a new electric amp finally got to my wallet.  I was tired of my solid state/hybrid cyber mockup amp, and figured if I'm gonna spend the money on a tube amp I might as well get the one I really want.

I snagged a 2 month old Mesa Boogie Road King Series II head off ebay and a Mesa Boogie Road King 2x12" Cab (Half open/Half closed back).

First off this thing has more Vaccum tubes than an early computer! (14 to be exact)  :bgrin:  Having four totally independent channels is pretty sweet, with each having 3 different preamp models to choose from.  Plus 2 series fx loops and built in tube long spring reverb.  This thing gives you so many tone options!  It has a lot of switches and dials which could be somewhat overwhelming for some people, but I like complicated toys. :tongue:  It is rather heavy (~75lbs for the head).
Current Setup:
Channel 1:  Set to Tweed for that clean Fender sound with 2 6L6 tubes
Channel 2:  Set up for Brit for a rockin' power clip (AC/DC sounding) with 2 EL34 tubes
Channel 3:  Set up for Vintage for that Mesa high gain Recto Sound with 2 6L6 tubes
Channel 4:  Set up for Modern, shooting for more of a Marshall sound here, but it still has a bit of a Mesa Vibe to it with 2 EL34 tubes

I use Tube rectification on all the channels even though I could set any one of them to Silicon Diodes to tighten things up a bit.  I can also set any of the channels to do 2 6L6s(50watts), 4 6L6s (100watts), 2 EL34s (50watts), 2 EL34 + 2 6L6s (100watts), or 4 6L6s + 2 EL34s (120watts).  I chose just to keep it at 50 watts since the thing is loud enough already, although going from 50watts to 100watts is only like +2db in volume.

And who doesn't want a 24" 8-button footswitch to boot?  :winkin:

Anyway I could go on for hours about this thing.  I can tell you it was worth every cent and sounds so much better than a solid state modeling amp. 

You can read more here:

I just though I would post my initial thoughts on it and a few pics for you electric players here in the forum.  The thing sounds awesome and I still know there is plenty of room for tweaking.