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Title: Played some nice guitars today
Post by: 247hoopsfan on August 29, 2006, 05:32:53 AM
Stopped by a good local shop today and played some beautiful guitars.  They were all used, but in mint condition.  I was most impressed with a Santa Cruz F 1.  An unusual sized guitar, incredibly mellow sounding with great balance.  Also played a John Kinnaird Madagascar/ Spruce cutaway and a Thompson.  Had never seen any Kinnaird or Thompson guitars.  Played a 1996 Taylor 712 Brazilian and several nice Martins.  The Taylor sounded better than any I had ever played, but I didn't get much volume out of it's concert body. 

Then I came home and pulled out my Larrivee D10.  It compares quite favorably with all the best.  It sounds as good as those high end guitars at quite a bit less money.  If price were no object I would probably take the Santa Cruz.  But I got my Larrivee for half the price of the Santa Cruz.  It just reaffirmed to me that Larrivee is probably the best value out there for a high end acoustic.