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Started by Craggy45, March 17, 2024, 06:26:52 PM

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I have had this very small Larrivee for a week and it is going back to the shop tomorrow.I find it very quiet and the with a smaller string spacing than my 0.01 from the year 2000.Anyone else have any experiences with this model?

I've got a T-44 with moonspruce top and black limba back and sides.  Yes, the T-40 and T-44 are small guitars, but the string spacing at 2 1/4 is actually wider than many Larrivees.  To my mind the nut width at 1.75 feels smaller due to the shorter 22.8 scale length.  And yes, the guitar isn't as loud as my O-40 but it's pretty close and quite a loud guitar for its size.  It amazes me how good the T-44 is strummed and of course it is remarkable finger style, very balanced.  But with the lower bout size of 12.375 it is a small guitar, smaller than an O, so it's not going to sound like a dread.

Keep in mind the T stands for travel. It was designed to be a small travel guitar. You may like the parlor size, a bit larger and still good for travel.
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I would like to try a T sized Larrivee but...

...of all my guitars, my son likes my Larrivee maple parlor the best for fingerstyle blues. This guitar also likes Open C tuning. I generally take it on shorter car trips for a week or long weekends. I also have a Little Martin, a Backpacker, an Kala baritone ukulele and an Alvarez Dread to choose from on my fishing boat when the fish aren't biting, which happens a lot. The collective cash outlay for these five guitars was about $1,100. I'm glad we all have so many options to choose from.

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