how long for custom build?

Started by johnr, November 21, 2023, 05:05:39 PM

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Hi , just a quick question ,how did any of you guys wait for a custom build from Larrivee? Not being impatient ;just don't want to bother Junior with my dumb questions. Thanks.

No one here can tell you how long Larrivee will take without asking Larrivee what their current wait time is. It's a natural question when ordering a custom so don't feel like you're bothering them.
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Good advice from Bowie.

Over the years, I've ordered two Larrivees. I ordered the first during the week of November 17, 2005 from my dealer and it was in my hands on February 8, 2006, about 11 weeks. The second was during COVID, a Forum VI coordinated through the Larrivee Forum directly with John Larrivee. As I recall, we were told initially it would be a 6-8 month build time. They started construction of 19 guitars in July 2021 and started shipping from the factory directly to each buyer in late December 2021 as they were completed. My friend ordered the exact same FVI as I did and his was delivered in mid-January 2022 while I received mine in February 2022. I should add that my Forum VI arrived out of the box with the best setup of any guitar I ever bought in my life.

A couple of suggestions.

First, if you don't stray too far from the specs for a standard model, the wait time should be shorter. Inlays, exotic wood choices and other customized features add to the build/wait time.

Second, once you place your order, don't try to go back and request changes and leave both your dealer and Larrivee alone. I.E. Don't call or email them every few weeks for an update, this takes them away from doing what they do best, building guitars for happy players. 

Third, accept the fact that you ordered a custom guitar that others may or may not value as much as you do. Since I am 100% happy with my three customs* and I don't plan to sell any of them, that's a moot point for me. Both of my Larrivees have an L body with a Venetian Cutaway and one is a 12 fret model which are features that would probably turn some buyers away.

* I also have a custom Martin 000 that I ordered in July 2015 and picked up from my dealer on December 15, 2015 just in time for Christmas.

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