Tuning: 440 Hz to 432 Hz

Started by Silence Dogood, December 18, 2022, 11:00:45 AM

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Quote from: B0WIE on November 20, 2023, 11:27:15 AMRange is such a weird, psychological thing. If I hear a singer straining and I try to sing that song, I can't stop myself from straining while that song is playing.

I do similar tricks like you do. I'll even go down an octave so my throat gets big and relaxed, then go back up and try to maintain that relaxed state, and it helps a lot.

My vocal coaches used to have me replace the vowels with ones that are easier to sing, like "Ah". Then, go back and sing it correctly after I've hit all the notes with the easy vowels. Or, they would run a scale and say, "You just went higher than that note you are having trouble with" and leaping that psychological hurdle was all I needed.

All good advice. My real problem, as my wife likes to point out, I'm too big a Dylan fan and, according to her, slip into his style too readily and way too often. Say it ain't so! I don't imitate his voice but as with with many, many singers, his phrasing is irresistible. How does it feeeel?  :laughin:   

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