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Started by oscarramirez, September 18, 2023, 09:00:10 PM

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Hello, Please experience the SD40 or 40R. I plan to buy one soon but haven't had the chance to experience it in practice yet. Thank

I really like my SD-40RW. It has a very full tone and an easy response as a fingerstyle player I like. Who else makes an instrument like this and at this price point? Martin's 12 fret instruments don't move the bridge lower on the soundboard. I find the 15" lower bout very comfortable if you are a sofa player. And the 12-fret connection keeps your fretboard hand closer to your body. I like that the instrument is a little deeper than the 000 Larrivee.

I did a 1 year quick 1 year review of mine last June in this forum.  I've owned many acoustics through the years and SD 40R has hit the spot with me.  Still loving it.

Larrivee SD 40r

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