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Started by Marc Willett, September 28, 2023, 08:40:11 PM

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I gig regularly with a D-3 and it has 3 small dings in the finish exposing small areas of unfinished wood. By small I'm meaning nicks the largest of which is maybe 1/8" or 3mm.
I'd like to put a drop of finish on them for protection and to amber out the color but I'm unfamiliar with what finish Larrivee uses and how something would react with the factory finish.
I've used teak oil on some things in the past on scratches with decent results and filled with superglue on gloss finishes but unsure what would be the best product for this.
It's so minimal I could ignore it but if there's a product that's easy to use I'd like to touch them up the best I could.
Anyone have any experience with this? I'm not looking to make them invisible, just a bit more homogenized color wise.

Thanks in advance


I am pretty sure Larrivee uses a uv cured polyurethane.  Personally, I leave dings alone and see them as part of the guitars life. But, if i were going to try anything, I'd get the smallest container i could find of water based satin finish poly (Varethane or Minwax brands) and try that on the least conspicuous ding first.


This is something that bugs me about satin. It doesn't repair easily. But, I've done some nearly invisible repairs by using CA glue and then sanding the spot with a paper that is around equal to the finish of the satin. I think 1500 to 2000 grit got me close though it's been a few years.
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Man, I say play the heck out of that thing and enjoy the scars!  They only prove the guitar has been well-loved.  Check out the top on my D-03:

There is an old saying, "A boat is safe in the harbor but that's not what a boat is for." I think the same thing could be said about a guitar. If you play your guitar, it is going to eventually end up with dings, scratches, pick wear and other battle scars.

My 2004 Parlor and my 2005 LV03 all mahogany 12 string both with satin finish show very little wear after 19 and 18 years of regular playing. I try to be careful and keep my guitars in cases in a humidified room when they aren't being played. So far so good. Don't overthink those little issues unless they are going to affect the future playability.

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