What do folks think of their 000-40/44 12-fret Larrivees?

Started by jrporter, September 09, 2023, 11:19:18 AM

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Just curious what you folks think of your Larrivee 000-40/44 12-fret guitars? Thanks for your thoughts... :donut  :donut2  :donut  :donut2

I don't own a 000 Larrivee but the SD-40RW which is also a 12-fret instrument. I think this is what attracted me to Larrivee. Larrivee is one of the few companies that make a 12-fret instrument, make them in different sizes, and put the bridge in the correct place. I find them incredible responsive to fingerstyle playing and very comfortable to play. It is my steel string classical guitar.

I played a rosewood 000 awhile back and thought it sounded great. I didn't spend a bunch of time on it as I was looking for something else but it sounded really good.

I have a 000 maple and a SD 40 both of which are 12 frets. I love Larrivee's 12 fret guitars. So comfortable and responsive.
I just dabble and I'm good with that!
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Not the 40 series but love my P-03.
Would love to try an OO.

Tried an OOO40 but a big body with restricted fret access felt strange for a fingerstyle player. Maybe fine if never venture too far. Oddly I don't mind the restricted access on the parlour as 12 frets seems to match that perfectly.

It's all about the bridge placement and 12 fretters that don't move the bridge back... Well what's the point. Well done Larrivee here.

I've been rabid about a 12 fret OO but it's just different, isn't it. There's no better, just different. My 14 fret OMs are spectacular.

Larrivee cannot make a bad guitar.
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