Sold: Larrivee LSV-11e

Started by Alexrkstr, June 14, 2023, 06:20:47 PM

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I know I will regret this, but I want to buy a Sony mirrorless camera, so this needs to help the cashflow for the "toys". :)

I think most people here know about this LSV-11. Not a lot in circulation, it took me 10 months to find this one, but since I have an 00-60, I decided to let this one go as it's easier to sell and much cheaper.

The guitar is in great condition, the action is 5/64ths on the treble at the 12th fret, and 6/64ths on the bass side. No buzzing, straight neck, tight hardware, no worn-out frets. The guitar is ready to be played. I play guitar once a week, Saturdays. I have over a dozen guitars, which means I very seldom have played this guitar.

Before purchasing this guitar, I did a lot of research to understand if this is only a 'fingerpicker guitar'. It is optimal for fingerpicking - the size is quite comfortable, the responsiveness is there, the balance of tone is ideal. That said, I was impressed with what a nice strummer this guitar is as well. Think note separation, warm overtones, and no single frequency overpowering the tone.

I'm located in Chicgao, prefer a local deal. I will only ship PayPal Goods and Service, the price has the fees baked in. I listed it on Reverb for (sold) including shipping, I will sell it for (sold) shipped and paypaled goods and service to someone in this forum.

Please email or call me (I don't get notifications from this forum, so I may be slow). Email is listed in my forum profile and my phone is [intentionally spelling numbers phonetically to prevent scammers/data miners from calling] - too too faiv ayt oh too sevuhn siks faiv ayt.

Sold, thanks for the interest.

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