Pic of Forum VI and OM-50 JCL Special

Started by mike in lytle, January 12, 2023, 10:58:37 PM

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Quote from: mattwood on January 22, 2023, 02:13:37 PM
Mike, congratulations on the OM-50 Special.  It really looks like a killer guitar.  How would you describe the tone compared to other models you have had?  When I was searching for some sound samples on the net I came across this one which is likely your very guitar.
Yes, that is Mark (Guitar Tex) dragging a pick across the strings of the OM-50, and yes, that one is mine.
I originally paid the video (from last November) no mind at all and forgot about it.
It was a few weeks ago I finally paid attention to the reverb listing.
The moonwood, koa binding, and chrome open tuners (rather than cast bronze) made me interested.
Since then, I have realized the chrome tuners may have resulted from a supplier problem, because some 50's have them, some don't, and even found two listings where the guitar had chrome tuners in the photo, but the description said bronze.
The OM-50 is still too new to me to be objective, but it is a great sounding guitar, and after the trade-in, the cost out the door was low.
I figured the OM-50 might compliment the F-VI, and also give me a high-end mahogany replacement for the rosewood LV-10.
Definitely attained both of my goals.

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