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Started by TeleZee, September 19, 2022, 08:32:36 PM

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Hi all, Just wondering how common black tuners were on Larrivee guitars. I have a 2007 OM-03 sapele/mahogony.


If you're wondering how to get some, they sell a lot of different tuners on the larrivee website. 
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Quote from: TeleZee on September 19, 2022, 08:32:36 PM
Hi all, Just wondering how common black tuners were on Larrivee guitars. I have a 2007 OM-03 sapele/mahogony.
Not common at all. At one point, back when Larrivee was introducing the tortoise shell pickguards, they had the L-05 with black buttons. Don't know about the other -05 models. My 2010 L-05 had black buttons.
If you want an entirely black tuner assembly, you will have to order a set through Larrivee. You can also order a set of black tuner pegs.

Sorry, I sure learn to finish my thoughts, gettin' old. My OM has black tuners, I was wondering if it was a common thing as I don't see many newer ones with the the black tuners.

Thanks for the replies. I bought my '07 from a woman who bought it new to learn how to play. It sat in a closet for 2 years and so I bought it. It still smells beautiful when I open the case.

I friend of mine worked at the original Larrivee shop in Esquimalt near Victoria BC Canada in the 80's. As an employee they let him build two guitars for himself as long as they didn't have the Larrivee logo on them. He was able to build a smaller parlor style and a larger single cut away, really nice guitars.

I went back and had a look at my various notes and saved stuff....
2004 is when Larrivee introduced the tortoise pick guard, and black buttons on the -05 series and up. The -03 series still had a clear pickguard and chrome buttons.
This was the same at least through 2006, the 2007 archived site can't be viewed. So I can't figure when an OM-03 might have come with black buttons, altho by late 2009 the OM-03 had the tortoise pickguard.

Are we talking tuners or tuner buttons? 

For a bunch of years there were problems with the black buttons failing.  The metal inserts would loosen from the "ebonoid" buttons.  But the tuners themselves were chrome, usually Ping brand (or Larrivee branded Pings).  I think a lot of black tuners were tuners that got replaced.  I kept waiting for the tuners to start slipping on my O-01 because I wanted to put some Gotoh 21:1's on it.  They never have.


I have a 2005 OM-03 with a slotted headstock and Black button tuners. They are still in good condition and you can still buy replacement sets on Larrivee site. Also the slothead cast bronze tuner set comes with black button tuners.  :thumbsup

For no good reason, here are the black tuners on the LSV-03, with chrome grommets.
When I ordered the tuners from Larrivee, they came with long-stack grommets by mistake.
We sorted it all out, but meanwhile, I used chrome grommets from an old set.
I have not yet changed the strings since then.
Just another set of colors on a Larrivee.

I thought I would like the look of the black on black.  I have a set of the black tuners from Larrivee but have not yet changed strings since getting them so have not done the change yet.  Nice to see this photo. Has convinced me to do the change.

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