What Happened to this Rule

Started by Strings4Him, November 30, 2012, 04:47:43 AM

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What happened to this rule:

•Posts in the Buy & Sell section should be on topic and any replies should only be by interested parties.

:winkin:  I think this rule should be revised and the part "any replies should only be by interested parties" should be deleted.

I have often wanted to comment on a FOR SALE item but held back because I was not an interested party to actually buy it.

The rule remains intact.
Chatter by uninterested parties unfairly bumps the thread to the top over others who are trying to sell their guitar here and answer questions pertinent to the instrument posed by interested parties.
If you wish to endorse the seller, there is an appropriate place (a stickied thread) called Marketplace Feedback for that.

Quote from: Strings4Him on Today at 07:12:31 AM
So are Andrew and Danny's comments out of line since they are not interested parties?

Great question, Strings.
Since both Andrew & Danny were addressing specific questions from interested parties, I don't consider them to be "out of line". The questions were going to be answered, and in this case, both spoke with a great deal of authority, since I believe that Andrew has a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of the Larrivee product line (and what he doesn't know he researches before he posts) and Danny, as the previous owner of this guitar (and the driving force that brought this Forum guitar to market) speaks from a perspective that really no one else can.
What the rule attempts to avoid is the casual comments ("cool guitar", or "wish I had some spare change") and in fact, there were a couple of similar comments posted in that thread, which I deleted.
Thanks for the opportunity to explain in more detail. With your permission I would like to add our PM here to the new thread fro clarity to all.

Note: Strings4Him granted me permission to post this PM publicly here on Nov. 30, 2012.

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