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Started by Steve, August 16, 2006, 06:29:29 PM

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1.  Be Friendly - Everyone is here for the same reason - to discuss guitars!  There is no need to argue just for the sake of arguing, or to put down other peoples tastes in music/guitars/donuts, etc.  Please keep your posts clean from obscenities, inappropriate pictures, sexual innuendos, etc.  NO negative comments towards Members or Dealers (i.e. NO Bashing).  The administration can delete posts at their will.  Think a little before posting.

2.  Dealer Involvement - Dealers are encouraged to participate in the forum, however, they are not to advertise or promote their business in any way.  The only exception to this rule is the following:  Dealers are allowed a single link to their website in their signature.  In all other areas, dealers should utilize the forum in the same manner as any other user.  If you as a dealer are an active member, other members will notice and you will get business.  This is not the place for ads.  This rule applies to any business owner using the forum, not only guitar dealers.  Manufacturers may be able to post a link to a promotion, talk to the Administration.

3.  No Pricing Discussions on New Guitars - Larrivée dealers follow a MAP policy.  Because of this, please refrain from posting prices that you paid or quotes you received from dealers.  This serves to protect both dealers and consumers.

4.  Discussion of & Links to Dealers - This forum restricts advertisement by dealers.  Because of this we ask that you not link directly to guitars on dealers sites.  If you feel you need to post a link to the dealers main site feel free to do so. (See rule # 2)
Discussing your purchase from a dealer is acceptable.
Discussing a guitar for sale at a dealer site or store is acceptable.

5.  Buy, Sell, & Trade Forum - This section of the site is for individuals to post personal instruments for sale or trade.  Dealer ads are not permitted.  The administration takes no responsibility for fraudulent ads, so be careful when buying.  This forum is not the place to post feedback on a transaction.  Please read the Marketplace rules before posting in that section of the forum.

6.  Political and Religious Discussion - This is a guitar forum and although we have a Non-Guitar discussion area, Political and Religious discussion is not welcome here.  These topics seem to always lead to problems that this forum does not need or want.  There are many places on the Internet where these topics are welcome.  The Larrivée Forum is not the place for these subjects.  Posts containing Political or Religious topics or references will be deleted without notification.

7.  Soliciting, Fundraising - Do not solicit funds or start any fundraising activities on the forum.

8.  Signatures - Signatures must follow all forum rules and pictures can be no bigger than 150 x 200 pixels, larger pics will be removed.  Links to inappropriate sites will be deleted without notice.

9.  Donuts - All Newbies must provide virtual donuts (can be a picture of donuts or the forum icons) for the forum members.  This is a long standing forum tradition! :wink:

10. Newbies - Newbies can not use appended images, however may include a link to an internet hosted image.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Effective immediately,  Newbies with less than 10 posts can send and receive PMs.
This is being changed to afford greater ease of use for new Forum members, particularly for those engaged in trading on the Marketplace boards.
If problems arise as a result of this relaxation, the restriction will be reinstated.

Quote from: Queequeg on January 01, 2014, 08:08:36 AM
Effective immediately,  Newbies with less than 10 posts can send and receive PMs.
And post Images
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