NGD Larrivee 000-44SB

Started by jrporter, September 11, 2023, 12:09:37 PM

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It's been a while since I owned a Larrivee or for that matter was active on this forum. However, that recently changed with my purchase of a Larrivee 000-44SB (sunburst). I'd like to first give a huge shoutout to Goldfinch Recording Company where I purchased the guitar. I'd never dealt with David Seymour or this dealership, but the service was exemplary in every way from price to delivery. Although their store is in Ohio, the guitar was shipping from Iowa and Dave was concerned about my new Larry spending too much time in a hot UPS truck so he upgraded the shipping to two-day air at no extra cost to me. I purchased it on Friday and picked it up here in Charlottesville at the terminal this morning (Monday). Needless to say it arrived in great shape.

I've long admired the Larrivee look with their maple binding, butI sold my last Larrivees because the tone sounded a bit subdued for my taste. However, this 000-44 has a wonderful tone and is so easy to play with 12 frets. After I sold my 12 fret Martin 000-15sm, I knew I'd be returning to a 12-fretter. I'd heard that Larrivee has made some improvements to the voicing in the 40/44 series, and this one sounds amazing. Thanks to David and the folks at Goldfinch Recording Company for great service and a wonderful guitar...

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That's awesome - congrats on the new guitar. Enjoy playing the heck out of it!
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We need pics please!!!   :wave
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That's a nice burst too? I forget, does the 000 have a larger sound hole?

Not sure about the size of the sound hole, but the guitar has a much fuller sound than I recall from past Larrivees I've owned. They do bursts really well IMO. I removed the pick guard and installed a clear removable one that's barely visible....

Gorgeous burst! It really glows!
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Congrats,  :nice guitar:  Enjoy it forever.

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Quote from: StringPicker6 on September 13, 2023, 09:51:37 AMGorgeous burst! It really glows!

Thanks, in "real life" the yellow is actually more subdued...

Wow, I really love that guitar!  Play it in good health!

Sure is a beauty, congratulations!

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